Our Projects

Raising the Grade: Equal Opportunity in Higher Education

In response to an emerging homeless population among college students, MA Appleseed has partnered with the Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services (U-ACCESS) at the University of Massachusetts Boston to establish the "Massachusetts Homeless Post-Secondary Students Network". The Network engages a cross section of diverse stakeholders, including colleges, high schools, state agencies, service providers, policy advocates, and community members, who all share a common purpose to support youth in access to public education. Together, these stakeholders work to identify systemic barriers, advocate for policy changes, and develop programs and best practices to facilitate meaningful access to higher education for youth at-risk of homelessness, youth subject to chronic poverty, and youth experiencing homelessness.

The Network's signature accomplishment to-date is the establishment of Single Points of Contact (SPOC's) at 16 colleges and universities in Massachusetts. SPOC's assist homeless youth during matriculation and throughout their post-secondary career, helping them access a broad range of services both on and off campus. MA Appleseed continues to advocate for official SPOC policies at both institutional and state levels. Click here for the SPOC directory.